About Us

Hello! My name is Jeremy. I am the owner of The Archeryshack in Anderson, SC. I been working on bows for 15 years in the Upstate, SC area. I was once the manager of a large archery store in my area for 8 years. We sold Mathews, Martin, PSE, High Country, and Mission. We had an 8 lane indoor range and indoor digital DART archery system. Our store was over 7500 SF and featured many varieties and styles of archery equipment. In 2001-2003 we broke a sales record for Mathews in the southeast, and also ordered over $100k+ of PSE equipment per year. During that time I tuned and worked on every brand of bow known to man, made strings, sold new bows, coached archery classes, and worked on hundreds upon hundreds of bows each year. I accomplished the shooter of the year title in SC for the 2003 year, and shot all over the southeast in the early to mid 2000's. I have been certified as a level II NAA (USA) archery coach and have attended many dealer/shooting schools. The shop I was at closed in 2008 due to the owner's divorce and I have been tuning bows in my own shop since then. We recently acquired a larger shop and are slowly increasing productivity and stock. We have Myself (Jeremy), my wife (Dawn), and a few part-time workers constructing orders and talking with customers each day. 


Our strings are stretched to 350# for a specified time to remove all creep, then twisted under tension. The string is left under tension and served with BCY Halo serving along with Brownell liquid loc to really lock down the serving. The center serving is determined by correct nock fit for your particular string and arrow setup. primarily we use black Angel Majesty for center serving as it is the best product for the job. The strings are left to rest after serving with no tension to recover from the stretch. Once the recovery period is over the strings are set to correct length under 100# of tension and a zip tie is placed through the loops before shipping to ensure they don't untwist in the package. We can make any specialty set of strings you would like at a great price! If you have any questions feel free to email me at archeryshack@gmail.com.