Ravin FAQ May 10 2020

Here are a few questions that might answer your Ravin string questions:

1) Does an aftermarket string void my Ravin warranty? Short answer, yes

2) Do you prestretch your sets? Yes, it seems to make the sets better than factory by doing this

3) Do you offer nock ties on the center serving? No, we double serve the center using powergrip and angel majesty

4) How many strands are you using? We are keeping to the same thickness as factory sets

5) Can I order colors? Yes, we offer one or two colors on the string itself, however the cables will be solid black and the center serving will also be solid black

6) How do I contact you? The best way is to email us at archeryshack@gmail.com. In 2018/2019 when we began the Ravin sets we were getting a lot of folks just wanting to call and talk about Ravin crossbows this puts us behind on production as there are only 7 of us. Ravin sets are a very small percentage of orders we make. I was actually hesitant to offer Ravin sets again because of this. Our incoming calls were 90% about Ravin talk for very few Ravin sets sold vs. our regular compound sets. We will monitor this and adjust accordingly in the coming weeks if needed. Email would help greatly vs. phone.

7) I have read about thicker and thinner cables? In the past we tested different strand counts before finding a final best set. The sets are made to a factory thickness and pass through the cam easily upon installation

8) How do I install my set? A local shop, or YouTube is your friend. We have a few video's on YouTube that may help. If you are hesitant or inexperienced in restringing a Ravin I would highly recommend finding an expert. Timing, proper installation, and wax are crucial to avoid injury with your crossbow. When finding a local shop, be sure they have experience with Ravin crossbows.

9) Are you on Crossbow nation? No, if you need to contact us please email archeryshack@gmail.com

10) How long does it take to get my order? Please allow up to a two week ship time, although many times it is faster

11) What kind of warranty do you have for Ravin sets? We see a variance in the number of shots according to the model. An example is the R10 is far less abusive on a set versus an R20 or R29x. If you see problems within the first 100 shots contact us via email with pictures and we will do our best to remedy the problem. We may have you send the string or cable back for us to inspect and fix vs sending new sets according to the issue. Most issues we see arise from no lubrication or several hundred shots. We currently are seeing anywhere from 200-700 shots according to model before needing to replace.