Our WARRANTY is a 6 month no creep/serving separation warranty on Premium compound bow sets. If there are any issues I will quickly replace or repair any affected string/cable. We try our best to avoid any mistakes, but if there are any I am happy to replace and/or fix the issue immediately. I just ask that you return the string/cable with the original receipt and order number for replacement. BCY Dynaflight 97/8125/8190f el cheapo sets do not have a warranty. Crossbow sets have no warranty due to the nature of them. We have found that most crossbow issues ariseĀ from zero maintenance and owner neglect (no rail lube, lubrication, dry fire, leaving cocked in closet for 9 years, the one guy that left his cocked in a car on a 100 degree day and somehow it was our fault after it exploded after enduring who knows how much heat over the course of 10 hours, you get the point).